DeadFlower's Realm

UPDATE 23/01/02

Hello? Hello!

UPDATE 21/01/02

If you like The Sims like I do, you should head over this website Just write the link in the search bar of your browser. It's full of awesome content you can download and install in your game, like heads and clothing. I recommend you to check it out. :)

UPDATE 21/01/02

Why is it so difficult to make your own website? I've been trying to figure this coding thing out for weeks and I'm still unable to make everything work. It's just I don't get along too well with technology.

I tend to be quite busy during the day, so the only free time I get is during the night. And to that point I'm way toooo tired to be dealing with something like this!! I'll try to find some spare time during the next week to focus on building this damn website. I don't want to upset the people that visit my page looking for something interesting. God, the other day I found a very cool website where you could download gifs and music, and it looked so well done!! I wish my page looked like that... Maybe one day!!

UPDATE 20/01/02

I am so excited to finally own a website. I think having one is like keeping a diary, where you can just kind of dump all your thoughts on. It also helps me to get rid of some junk I've got on my computer, like images and stuff, but that I don't want to keep anymore because they take too much space from my PC. So, here we are.

Here I'll post journal entries, photos, etc. Whatever that comes to my mind... If you're bothered by long texts and rambles, please close this page!